5 Last Minute Holiday Gifts For Everyone

Looking for quick gifts for the holidays? Don’t stress out, I have you covered. Here are 5 last minute holiday gifts for anyone on your list. All items are under $30!

Last Minute Holiday Gifts

Ven  & Rose
I have known Vashti Patrick-Joseph aka Veepeejay for some time now. I adore her passion, determination for always mixing things up and mostly walking by faith. She has created a new apparel lined called Ven and Rose that reflects not just herself but also inspires women to Believe and Have Faith.
Uncle Funky’s Daughters Workout Wonder Kit

 Working out is great for our bodies, but makes our hair sweaty and smelly! Uncle Funky’s Daughter is one of my favorite product lines for of the year.Working out is great for our bodies, but makes our hair sweaty and smelly!  Their workout wonder sample package is perfect for any fithair chick. It’s also just $20 and fits in a gym bag with ease.

Klean Kanteen
Earlier this year, I purchased the Klean Kanteen and have been obsessed with this container. I love the 64 ounce jar as it preserves my alkaline water for days. This is a great gift for those who are trying to increase daily consumption of water or simply save money on purchasing water bottles. Don’t forget to check out my water, natural and ph series to see why you might want to rethink twice on bottle waters. 
Sports Bras 
Every fitchick knows, sports bras are essential. You can find sports bras any and every where in various colors. I picked up few at Title Nine in bright colors to help get me out the bed in the mornings but Target and Six02 also have great options at great prices. Here are three sports bras for women of any size but especially those who have large boobs.
Books, Magazines and Amazon
There isn’t anything better than curling up at a coffee shop with a cup of tea and a good book. From Juicing books to Starwars DVD digital package you can find a lot of of quick and easy gifts on Amazon. Take a look at some of my favorite books and dvds I recommend.