Bra Fitting Event

Sports bras are an essential equipment in working out. Not having the proper fit can lead to countless issues including injuries. Boobs are not all equal nor are sports bras. I have a variety of guides, videos and much more to help you get to in formation for the upcoming year.

Can’t figure it out yourself? I am having a free event where you can get your custom sports bra fitting and find the right bras just for you! It’s FREE!! 

RSVP For Dallas Event

I hosted an in person event to help ladies levitate your boobs in 2018, 2019. We are bringing it back this year but with a little extra flavor! This event will focus specifically on women who have a harder time finding bras in larger sizes and learning more about sports bras. Additionally, we are going to go for a run because why not! ?!

We also will have  complimentary light brunch, special gifts for registered attendees and a little bit more in store.


Want to know all about sports bras? What to look for? What bras are my favorite? Get a quick recap of my latest videos and post in my sports bra guide 101.