Chafing? How to Stop It – Runners Tips

 Chafing is a common skin problem caused by friction on the skin thanks to the combination of moisture, and irritating fabric.
Chafing mostly occurs in the inner thighs, glutens areas but it can occur in a variety of areas. For runners in particular, arm pits and nipples are also popular and common spots for chafing. 

It occurs with most of runners and it happened to me for years. I was a Chafing Monster!  But don’t be like me. You can learn from my issues and say bye-bye to regular chafing. As a runner with these tried and true tips and solutions. 

How to Stop Chafing for Runners

Here are my quick tips on how to stop chafing and prevent it!

How to Heal Chafing If It Occurs

The best way to deal with chaffing after a run is the clean area with mild soap and pat dry. Once dry, use vaseline and avocado oil or your choice a post-chafing ointment. It’s simple as that.