3 Reasons I Love Huetiful Salon in DFW

“We are client and customer centric. Everything we come up with inspired by the needs of our clients.” -Ken of Huetiful and Huetiful Salon
This past weekend, I was able to attend the gran opening of Hueitful Salon in Dallas Ft. Worth. It was a great night with awesome company and tons of information. I am very excited to see the new textured salon here within the DFW area. If you are considering booking an appointment, here are three reasons why you should head out to Huetiful Salon.

Huetiful Salon in Dallas Ft. Worth

Staff: The staff at a salon can hinder or excel a shop’s reputation.  Within the salon are some of the top industry stylist individually but collectively in the salon they work as a single unit. At Hueitful, stylists are not competing against one another but instead a big-fun-loving-educational-curl-team. Everyone is an hair educator and edge slayer. Nina Christmas, Creative Director of Huietiful noted, “Think of the staff as the staff at your dentist office. You take care of your teeth daily with brushes and flossing daily, but the dentist assist with structure, deep cleaning and to address other issues beyond what you may see.” Everyone works together and since Ken, owner Hueitful and Hueitful Salons, picks the best you don’t have to worry about, which stylist is the best colorist or blowouts.  Just book , enjoy and get ready to stunt on the gram.
Salon: From focusing on textured hair to the modern simplicity decor, Hueitful is not the typical salon.  They offer over 50 services from bantu knots, color to nano treatment and deva cuts. “We are client and customer centric. Everything we come up with inspired by the needs of our clients.” says Ken. How client centric is Huetiful Salon? Upon arrival, you will immediately notice a very small lounge/sitting area, which is due to their focus on minimum to no wait time from the moment you walk through their doors. (*Raises hands!) Since there is only one stylist per person,  the process is client attentive. The salon boost clients can book an appointment for a blow out at 7am and be able to make it into the office by 9am.
Hueitful Salon Steamer Dallas Ft Worth STEAMER IN SALON
Steam Treatment – By now you should know the importance I place in water especially within the body. The entire salon understands the same importance with the focus thanks to the Huetiful Steamers. The Huetiful Steamer is specifically designed for the unique needs of curly and wavy hair, restoring moisture 5x better than deep conditioners alone. Ken states “the steamers allow the opening up the cuticles of your hair to allow any conditioner you choose to penetrate better and work more effectively, replenish moisture lost and reducing breakage and split ends caused by dry hair. ” This treatment is heightened thanks in part to their new and expanded product line. I have to admit, I was a huge fan of their shampoo and conditioner, which I was able to try last year at The Natural Cole’s How-To Event in Dallas, Texas. After chatting with, Tasheara Neshell, Senior Stylist at Hueitful Salon in Dallas – Ft. Worth, I am itching to test out the steam and their latest foam mousse, which is formulated to wrap, style and sleek a variety of different hair textures and styles.
If you are not in Dallas, you can check out the salons in Chicago and Atlanta. http://www.huetifulsalon.com/about.htm. Don’t forget to check out more salon grand opening pictures above in the gallery. 
Huetiful Salon Dallas-Ft. Worth is located 2410 W Abram Street Arlington, TX 76013 866.708.7015