Levitate Your Boobs Event Recap

Sports bras are an essential equipment in working out. Not having the proper fit can lead to countless issues including injuries. Boobs are not all equal nor are sports bras.
I hosted an in person event to help ladies levitate your boobs with this. This event will focus specifically on women who have a harder time finding bras in larger sizes and learning more about sports bras.
I was able to assist and help guide ladies on the importance of a proper foundation – your sports bra – for walking, running and everything in between.
We will follow the talk with a bra fitting for attendees. Guests were able to try out sports bras with a quick test walk/run for those who want to make sure their bras hold up to the test in the latest Brooks Levitate 2 shoes. Additionally, some ladies had questions about running shoes so we dove into that as well over some light bites, drinks and great music will be available to attendees.
Enjoy the quick recap and pictures above but also if you missed it, don’t forget to see how you can do size your self and also grab my top picks for sports bras for the Fall.