Lululemon Warehouse Sale Tips

Grab your card and get ready, Lululemon Warehouse sale is coming to Dallas in just a few weeks. The Lululemon warehouse sale is a once-a-year event that moves around from city-to-city and is unlike anything else. During this 3-day weekend sale, you can stock up on some amazing items from the retailer. Unlike most outlets or discount sales, Lululemon warehouse sale doesn’t just contain older or discontinued product but items even some current or specialty items. Here are some tips and things you should know before heading to the Lululemon Warehouse Sale in Dallas.
Oh yeah, pictures used in the blog are from last year’s sale, which was in Atlanta. 

Prices of Lululemon Items During the Warehouse Sale 

“Alex really is this a sale and is it worth it?” This is the question I was asked at least 10x last week. Yep! It’s worth it. Lululemon products are pretty expensive. A pair of leggings is easy $100 but during the warehouse sale, you can find them as low as $30-$40. Socks will run you about $9- $10.  The average amount of most products during the warehouse sale are $20-$30 range, which is totally affordable and worth it. Each day there are specialty items, sales and a restock of merchandise so that makes it even better!

Get Your Mind-Set Right & Load of Patience

Look it’s a warehouse sale. That means its boxes of products and stuff everywhere including on the floor. Everything you want might not be there so keep an open mind. There will be people trying on clothes right in the middle of the store so be prepared. On Facebook alone, there is expected to be almost 5,000 folks attending and over 12,000 are interested. This is just Facebook but knows everyone and their mommas will be there so gear up for a long wait. People travel from all over to purchase items at the warehouse sale.

Bring A List & Know Your Sizes

Don’t go in without any idea of what you need. Make a list of item you need and stick to them. I also recommend going to a Lululemon to know your size beforehand. This makes it easy to grab and go for the items you need. I am not super skinny and I can wear Lulu with no problem. The sizes range from XS to about XL or 0- 12. I am a size 8-10 there so hopefully that gives you some idea of what they offer.
You can find a lot of things there that aren’t included n the sizes like the yoga mat, sock and cute scarves and such. There is something for everyone including the men and kids. Also note, you are limited to 25 items so make sure you stick to the list folks.

Bring Your Card AND ID

Cash is not accepted so make sure to have your credit card or debit card, which Visa, Mastercard & AMEX are accepted.Please note that all sales are FINAL and you must have a photo ID. Cash & gift cards are NOT accepted. Also don’t forget to have a few snacks, bottled water, and charger. Another tip is to wear a maxi dress, skirt or loose pants so if you need to try on something quickly you can asap if you get my drift.

Best Time to Hit the Lulu Warehouse Sale

Apparently, at other cities, the longest lines came on opening day – Friday but a few hours later, there wasn’t a line are hardly any. I would say mid-day on Friday seems to be the best time and early on the other days. Make sure you are on the twitter feed. They do random markdowns during the day and last minute sales towards the end of the day at other cities.

Don’t Drive There – Ride There

It’s going to be a mess so I highly recommend hitting the good ole public transportation – DART. Uber and Lyft are always great options too. Fair Park parking will fill up like no other and the options around the grounds start at $10. You can easily park and ride the DART for $5 round-trip so save that money, honey!

Alex Top 5  Must Have Lululemon Items 

If you are going to the warehouse sale, here are my top five items you should at least leave with.

  1. Tights: This is what Lulu is known for- their pants. I would avoid purchasing shorts, as the pants will last longer and you can get more bang for your bucks with pants (long or capris) year around.
  2. Yoga Mat: I am slightly obsessed with their yoga. They are thick and super durable for all types of workouts.
  3. Racerback or Tank: There isn’t anything nicer than the perfect racer back and lulu has plenty of them. I would grab one or two that are flattering and also perfect for photos, race day or to stunt at the gym on a cutie.
  4. Unique Long Sleeve Shirt or Jacket: I know it’s hot and summer right now but Lulu has some cool cold gear. Grab it now while it’s dirt cheap so you don’t have to worry about it months later.
  5. Lululemon Accessory: Accessories like their wraps, scarves and workout bags are definitely unique and needed.  Their bras are a great for adding a splash of flare to your wardrobe. I would make sure to grab one item that you need and is also unique to anything else you might have in your closet. For ladies, this could be one of their unique sports bras.

For more information, you can check out the Twitter dedicated to the Warehouse Sale, which also includes sneak peeks and updates: #sweatBIG