The Perfect Workout Puff

Working out and having a cute hairstyle can be considered an oxymoron to some. As a marathoner and when training, we often take race photos. I used to look terrible in my race photos but now I try to be at least cute. I might be tired and slow but I will have a cute outfit and make sure I am well kept if I can.
Additionally, there is nothing worse than having my hair get in the way while running. Seriously. It sucks and hinders my focus. I keep my hair up in a very neat, simple yet practical puff or bun. It’s a method to the madness as it’s also moisturized and doesn’t move even as I completed the New York Marathon. Yep! Check out my video hairstyle of how I style my signature workout puff.

Struggling with working out and keeping your hair in top shape? Are you spending more time on your hair than working out?

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