Recap | How-To-Cornrow Event

Hey gang! How many times have you said, “I wish I knew How To Cornrow?” Well The Natural Cole, my hair stylist Ashley Danielle and my company The FitHair, teamed up to help women learn how to cornrow and take care of their hair from the inside out.  The Natural Cole’s How-To-Cornrow event was held in Dallas, Texas at amazing and cute Kowork space.

Recap of The Natural Cole’s How-To Cornrow Event

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In this interactive class, Ashley and Cole taught the proper way to cornrow, provide hair care education and discuss products to help with this styling technique.
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The FitHair was a sponsor of light refreshments that also aid in hair growth.Here is a quick recap of the items served

Alex The fithair speaker presenting

In my presentation, I discussed how your skin often reflects external and international conditions. An excellent example of how we know they are related focused on the usage of Icy-How or Ben-gay products. Since the skin is one of the largest organs most, attendees walked away knowing how they are connected.

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Recap of Quick FitHair Tips:
Eating a variety of foods rich in vitamins and nutrients are essential for healthy hair. Here are a few essentials I discussed.

  • Eat organic and healthy foods such Salmon, Greens, Juice, Hemp Seeds
  • Manage Stress
  • Exercise
  • Limit sugar, alcohol, and caffeine
  • Drink daily spring and alkaline water
  • Balance. Balance. Balance.

Check of the gallery for a visual recap and also this awesome recap video below.

Video Credit: @jaleesacharisse