Tips for Running At Night

Long gone are the days of sunlight until 7 or 8pm. There is nothing but darkness for most of the day, which for many can impact your outdoor activities. I hardly run on the treadmill, and a preference to run outdoors. You don’t have to avoid outdoor actives just because it’s dark. Here are a few tips for running at night and in the dark.

Safety Tips for Running At Night or In the Dark


Be Aware: The easiest way to be safe is to stay aware of your surroundings always. This includes not running with earbuds, making sure you can see clearly around you, and running with others during.
Wear Bright Colors: I know black is always easy to grab and go, but it’s harder for people to see most of the time when driving. Wear light and bright colors like a neon yellow or orange, which can be seen from yards away.

Invest in Reflective Gear: Reflective gear is a type of clothing apparel that reflects lights when shined upon them. Reflective gear is critical for running at night because folks can see you while moving!! I am embracing reflective gear a lot lately thanks to the Brooks Nightlife line. So The apparel is both stylish in the light, as is reflective in the dark.The attire helps drivers and cyclists distinguish your movements at a glance by providing 24-hour safety and 360-degree visibility. You can learn more about the brooks Nightlife Line and what I am wearing here.

Utilize lights: The cheapest way to be seen is to light up. From headlights, blinking clips to slap on wristbands, utilizing lights will ensure you can see and also be seen everywhere. Here are a few extra safety running tips from the folks over at Brooks Running that I wanted to share as well.