5 Quick Tips for Summer & Fall Travel

5 Quick Tips for Summer Travel

It’s officially the summer travel season. If you have been keeping up with me on Instagram or the #whereisalex hashtag you will see I have been hitting the road in the past few weeks. I was asked by Weight Watchers® Ice Cream to create some unique tips celebrating the anticipation of the summer season so here are my five super easy and fun quick tips for summer travel.

Switch it Up

If you are looking for cheap flights for the summer, make sure you take a look at a variety of destinations within your budget. There are tons of great deals happening to the cities of Dallas, Chicago, D.C. Caribbean and Mexico. Instead of going to Disneyland or Vegas, try going to a new destination in another country or take a cruise. This year, I opted to switch from a traditional cruise trip, which allowed me to island hop and ended up hopping within one island – the famous island of Jamaica.

Bring Snacks

No matter when or where I go, I always bring snacks. Nothing is worse than being delayed and being famished and irritable. I pack a variety of snacks with me so I can munch on just in case I am not able to buy food or when hunger strikes! A few of my favorites are trail mix, Larabars, Garden of Life Raw Protein and greens and fresh fruit, Make sure to rinse and clean your fruits and veggies before packing or grab an Eat Cleaner wipe to not only clean but prolong shelf life.
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Stay Hydrated

When traveling out of the states, I have learned bottled water is very expensive. I often will bring my filtered water bottled like from lifestraw to have filtered water within seconds. But don’t forget about your hair. Make sure you have a hydrating spray, moisturizing products and daily cream to keep tresses in tact. I love the Brita Water filter water sports bottle, which saves money and offers clean water within seconds.

Shop Smart

If you’re going to travel, know the best days to buy tickets. According to FareCompare.com, the best days to buy is Tuesday at 3 pm. Don’t forget to compare airfare and fees on a variety of websites. Comparing fares and fees can save you tons of cash.

Keep Cool

When I don’t travel with this, I also make sure to have loads of foods that are cold. From frozen fruit, smoothies to desserts and low-fat yogurt and popsicles, you’ll appreciate not only the taste but also cooling off with some of my summertime’s favorites.
Now that you have a few tips. I want to hear from you on how your getting ready for the summer. Let me know if your traveling anywhere or need to get away.