Bermuda Travel Guide For Runners

Bermuda is an island literally in the middle of the ocean, the Atlantic Ocean, not the Caribbean as most folks think it is. This means it’s closer to North Carolina and year around the weather is pretty nice. The coldest month is February, which in Bermuda the winter season consist of the low 60s degrees but watch out for the hot and humid summers.

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Bermuda Marathon Weekend Review

Bermuda is known for the’s Bermuda Triangle challenge where you run three different races and distances throughout three days. This is awesome and challenging because the competition is crazy hilly. What the race will challenge you in hills will reward you in views. Plan beforehand by just taking it easy and doing most sightseeing during the run instead of paying for a tour.  Here is my review of the Bermuda Marathon Challenge. (more…)

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Rock n Roll Marathon – San Antonio Review

In December, I attended my first Rock n Roll Marathon. For over 20 years, the Rock ‘n‘ Roll Marathon Series has made running fun by infusing each course with live bands, cheer teams and more. It’s definitely an experience and race that many people have talked about for years. They have a variety of races all around the world, Hall of Fame and loads of bling/medals.


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Route 66 Marathon Recap

I was able to finally attend the famous Route 66 Marathon for my birthday. This was my 10th half marathon and also the start of my 35th birthday. It was a very eventful birthday weekend as we survived a hotel fire and 20 degree temperatures at the start of the race. If you are wanting to see more of what to do in the city and stay while running Route 66, make sure you check out my Tulsa City Guide. Below I will focus on the race it’s self and the highlights of the race weekend.

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