Bermuda Marathon Weekend Review

Bermuda is known for the’s Bermuda Triangle challenge where you run three different races and distances throughout three days. This is awesome and challenging because the competition is crazy hilly. What the race will challenge you in hills will reward you in views. Plan beforehand by just taking it easy and doing most sightseeing during the run instead of paying for a tour.  Here is my review of the Bermuda Marathon Challenge.

Friday – Front Street Mile


  • The mile is a quick figure eight course and is a long hill.
  • You can pick up your packet for the race(s) at the expo before and stay over for the mile, which happens a few short hours afterward right by the expo.
  • The mile is probably one of the fastest and most popular mile races known as people come all over just to race it. It’s enjoyable and set up just like a regular run with 5 waves starting every 5 minutes or so to ensure everyone has a great race and folks aren’t running over each other.
  • Make sure you wave and say hi to everyone who’s watching all around and on the balconies of restaurants and bars as you run the street.
  • After the race, you get a chance to see the professional/elite runners race, which is rather exciting. There is a spotlight to shine on the runners since it’s at night and everyone cheers on the pros. This is the main event as they run their fastest mile to one of the most charismatic race announcers you have ever heard.
  • After the race, you can enjoy tons of good food and drinks right on the front street mile, and there are a lot of options within walking distance.



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Saturday – 10k Walk/Run

I didn’t get a chance to make it out to this race. Simply put, I did too much the few days I was there and needed to rest and restore my legs. A lot of runners and locals let me know this was very hard and hilly, so I made the smart decision to pull out.

Sunday – Half Marathon & Marathon

The Bermuda Marathon is a beautiful and quiet race, which takes you around most of the island on foot. The island is gorgeous and peaceful and their hospitality is nothing short of happiness and kindness. The race knows how to celebrate and starts off with music, line dancing and lots of energy. The race ends the same way but with more food , louder music, food and the perfect scenic background for the post-race recovery. Here are some highlights and preparations if you plan to run the Bermuda Marathon.

  • Bag check isn’t really secure so just don’t leave anything expensive in it. It’s more like an honor system as it’s just a table and it may or may not be station with a volunteer.
  • Bring your own snacks, nutrition or whatever you may need for the race in your bag-check. There aren’t any stations with gu or food. A lady was slicing out oranges about at the 10k mark, but that’s just because of kindness.
  • It’s crucial that you train precisely the same way you want to run this race so whatever you pack that is it. Make sure you bring it on the plane, so you don’t worry about anything missing. There isn’t anything you can just order or pickup at Walmart nor the expo.
  • Enjoy and take pictures! This is your tour of the island. You get to see nothing but water, beautiful houses and amazing sweet people. So enjoy it!
  • Bathroom breaks?! They are there but nothing that you would know beforehand. I saw a few at the parks and midway into the race. I didn’t have to use the bathroom during the run, so I didn’t have to worry.  During the race I believe I saw two port-a-potties but forgot what miles they were at. But they are there just not a lot.
  • Don’t get passed up by the police car, which is mostly for your safety. I was taking so many pictures, and videos that the last vehicle passed me up which means I am now running with the traffic and you don’t want to do this. It’s a pain as the island isn’t closed or anything so just be careful and mindful of this.
  • Hydration is about every two miles, or so you should be good overall for staying hydrated. It’s humid but cool and great running temperate.
  • The post race party is a party! Enjoy it to the max as they have a table full of food, soups, drinks and much more. No post-race beer nor dark and stormy so you have to head out for that.
  • Just a heads up, since this race is right at Front Street, where the mile takes place, so make sure you stay within this area if you want to just roll out of bed otherwise you have to wait for a shuttle back to your hotel.


Price Comparison to Run Bermuda Marathon Weekend

I have done reviews on Boston and New York Marathons. One of the biggest pros about the Bermuda Marathon was the cost. While I stayed a lot longer, I wanted to show a comparison of a 3-day, 2 night stay at Bermuda verses Boston and New York. Bermuda actually can be much cheaper by staying at the race hotel close to expo and buying local more, which decreases transportation and food cost significantly. Overall, you can go to Bermuda Marathon for under $1000. If you are on the east coast then your ticket will be cheaper as well. I did a connecting flight, which made mine reasonable. It’s crazy to see the difference in cost.

To be honest, I ended up staying at least 3 nights in Boston and New York Marathons so it cost at least double to do a major marathon verses Bermuda.

FTC: This blog and video are sponsored in partnership with Bermuda Marathon Weekend. However, this does not impact reviews and comparison. I try my best to keep things fair and balanced, in order to help you.