The Affordable Sports Bras Guide for Women With Large Breasts

No matter if you are just starting a fitness regimen or training for another race, one thing I know you will need are a few good sports bras.¬†Finding the perfect sports bra isn’t easy for most women. It’s even harder if you are a blessed with larger breast AND on a budget.
Most sports bras are at least $55-$85 a pop for women who are larger than DDs and offer max support and comfort. It’s almost impossible, but I am here to say it’s not impossible anymore. I spent over 2 months searching and testing a range of styles and sizes to find great sports bras for those of you who have large breast like me but are affordable. All the sports bras are under $50 and most can be found at half the cost or regularly on sale.


In my research, I decided to two this blog post differently. I wanted to offer some sports bra history, show you various sizes and types but then I also wanted to share the importance of being properly fitted each year for your sports bra. I am open and honest so much so; you get to see my process of finding the perfect sports bra for my marathon training.

Sports Bra Fitting Tips & Tricks

Check out this video where I take you on my bra fitting and how I am finding the perfect sports bra just for me!


Sports Bra Do’s & Don’ts

  • Always buy sports bras with wicking materials instead of cotton. Wicking fabrics move moisture away from your skin and also keep you comfortable.
  • Test your sports bra by actually working out and moving around. Do 10-15 jumping jack and squats!
  • Wash the bra in cold water with mild detergent or hand wash.
  • Avoid drying sports bras as heat breaks down spandex. I hang my sports bras to dry or lay it flat.
  • Most sports bras last anywhere from 6 up to 15 months thus a good rule of thumb is to change sports bras every 6 months to a year.

Sports Bras History, Types & Top Picks

Dive into this video as the kind folks at Luke’s Locker school me on the history of sports bra, various textures, and types that are best for max support and my top picks for affordable sports bras.
My Top Sports Bras are the Hero bras from Rebook and the Fiona and Maia from Brooks Women. I also want to point out the Juno bra. I went back and tried it and like it as well. It’s a great alternative for the Maia and also a bit cheaper too.

Compression, Encapsulation or Both

  • Compression: The original sports bra. This bra is best for smaller cups or just walking around. These are often super cheap and can cost you $20 bucks easily.
  • Encapsulation: This is the best for women with larger breast. Sports bras with individual cups aka encapsulated cups are best. They make sure your breast are not smashed together, adjustable and can remove sweat properly from the skin.
  • Both: Many sports bras now are a combination of compression and encapsulation, which offer both supportive and comfortable. These are more expensive so I avoided focusing on these but there are some great ones out there such as Victoria Secrets.

Strap Types

  • Racerback: Racerbacks tend to be the best supporting bras for women with larger breast due to the straps clinching in the back. They offer more support and mostly
  • Tank Top: I am not a fan of racer back because they are a pain to get in and out of after a 2-3 hour run. If you are like me, then always look for adjustable, padded and wide strap sports bras to ensure the weight is distributed and supportive.
  • Crisscross: Crisscross have become very popular because they add a pop of “fashion” to a boring tank. They offer decent support and are my pick for yoga and super low impact. Many are adjustable but don’t expect to find a lot of styles or options for larger breast. Most of the crisscross straps are thin, so they are not able to hold up or offer tons of support over an extended period.

Special Thanks to Luke’s Locker for helping so much with this post. If you are in the DFW Area pop in and let them know I sent you for to get your complimentary sizing. They also order anything for you if they don’t have it in there store.