Always Remember – Remembering My Mother

In June 2018, I unexpectedly lost my mother. If you have been to any one of my events or races, my mother was mostly there or in spirit. During her funeral, I lead a short devotion of a lesson I learned from her. It’s taken me some time to get back to things but I felt lead to share the message I shared during the funeral in hopes that those who didn’t make or someone else will receive it. This isn’t my normal video and it’s no fancy edits or anything. Just me being open and honest.
If you don’t want to watch below are the highlights of what I discuss in the video.

Always Remember

We live in a world we often remember shortly and forget quickly.

  • Forget to text back folks
  • Forget breakfast during the evening parts of the day.
  • Get a job you prayed for only to forget you prayed for it in the middle of praying it away

Boston Marathon

  • Oldest marathon and most prestige
  • Everything was going according to plan but with delays
  • The night before Surprise – Always Remember
  • The Day of the race it didn’t go as planned
  • Following day, pick up my checked items & people encouraged me 
  • This wouldn’t have happened if I had completed the race

Throughout the Bible, God shows us how important Remembering is

  • 10 Commandments: Remember the sabbath day & to keep it holy
  • Lord Supper: Do this in remembrance of Israelite

The Importance of Remember 

  • Remembering God’s past grace, character, love and all He is- is necessary to fuel our faith in God’s future grace for us.
  • The bible isn’t just a listing of only the goods and bads but of the journey and every moment, He had his Hand on.
  • Likewise, God wants to remember not the really highs or the really lows but the moments that He has ordained so intricately in our lives.
  • It’s not about how you gotta get over another mountain or to another achievement but understanding the perfection of His alignment of all surrounding you. Being true at this moment and seeing it for what it is.