Brooks Hyperion Elite Line Review

I had a lot of chatter on Facebook about the Brooks Running Hyperion Line, particularly with its release during the Olympic trials and the elite runners running in them. So with anything, I had to stop and chat finally about these shoes I have had since last year.  So, I had a few minutes to review some of my notes and share about the shoe. As always, I am a Brooks RunHappy Ambassador, but my views, opinions, and such are my own. I keep it real. 

Brooks Hyperion Elite & Tempo Running Shoes  

Honest Review and Thoughts About the New Elite Shoe

First, things First. The Hyperion Elite sold out within an hour or two. Yes. These are sold out. So if you were looking for a hookup, keep that moving. …. 
At this time, I’m unsure of the next release. It might be a minute to see how those who have this first batch respond. Higher demand for the shoe often pushes up production. 

Who are the Hyperion Elite Shoes For?

Hyperion Elite is For Elite Runners… End of Subject. Thanks for Reading. .. 

  • This shoe is not for everyday runners like myself. In short, unless you are training to BQ (Boston Qualify) or regularly BQ, leave this shoe alone. For real. It’s a 300+ shoe. That’s like a a 6 month supply of Chipotle. 
  • The Hyperion Elite is not for training but specifically for race day. The Elite was designed for a maximum of 100 miles. Less depending on the runners’ weight and built. So in short two races and they are done. Yep!
  • I won’t spend time on this review discussing the shoe’s detail, foam and all that jazz. The site does a great job of doing that so I am going to keep it on the things most folks aren’t discussing and give other insight into it.

Wait !The Shoes You Have Are All Black, but They are White and Yellow Online? 

I have a black unicorn version because I’ve had the shoe since last year when I went to Brooks Headquarters for their 
Innovation Summit. All the more reason why you should be keeping up with me on the IG. Due to a nice embargo and me not trying to get sued, all you saw was a group pic of us in the shoe and no up close pics. They had just finished the color of the shoes during that time; thus, why we don’t have them in white and yellow. Also, it’s hard to keep a secret about shoes when you have pictures of bright white shoes with neon yellow in them for 30+ people.

The Hyperion Elite Have Been Around For A Bit For Real?

Behind the Scenes brooks innovation
While at the Innovation Summit, we worked out with them and knew about the shoe in Boston when Desi won Boston the previous year. We couldn’t take pictures of the shoes that she signed, but if you ever visit HQ, they are there signed, and you can compare. 
The shoes we have in all black are the same that Desi and Shaddy ran in for Boston 2018, aka the Hurricane, Tsunami, hail, and my DNF year. (If I had the shoe maybe I would have finished too. But hey...) They are all black. She spoke about having brand new shoes on that year and never wearing them before. They were delivered the day before the race to both runners and the rest you can find out on Google. 
The color scheme is now white and yellow because of the Spring colors, and the focus on how “looking good” affects us as runners. A good outfit can boost our moods basically, so the shoe has a little style as a result. 

What Does the Hyperion Elite Feel Like When Running

It feels like walking on air but curved. It sounds weird, but if you look at the pic, it’s shaped in a bow or C shape. This helps your naturally his the ground in a more efficient state with stability that’s natural to you. 
Instead of forcing you to spring, or run a certain way, The shoe and Brooks in general, are helping the body guide into a natural pattern to you. This is seen in the elite shoe but also all shoes. Their marketing has shifted to “guide” and “what’s natural” to you. For elites, this is the same. This reduces injuries and causes you to be a more effective and efficient runner. 

How Light Is Hyperion Elite and Tempo Shoe? It Looks Heavy 

My phone is heavier than the Elite running Shoe. I have an iPhone 10. That’s the best way I can describe it. 

The Hyperion Elite Shoe Compared to Other Shoes 

I’ve seen a side-by-side comparison of elite runners in other shoes versus running in the Elite. It was eye-opening and clear as day on the benefits of the shoe. You saw how unstable a lot of different shoes made the runner, and eventually, this instability is what causes a lot of injuries and or weakness in the runner. 

While we aren’t elite athletes, we can always learn. I highly recommend this for all runners to do because you can see visually how much energy is lost and the instability one has without the proper shoe.

Most running shoe stores offer this. If not, you can record yourself on a treadmill and see how your form is when running on different shoes.

So what about the Hyperion Tempo Shoe? Is that a good purchase for me?

This shoe is a training shoe for elites but I can recommend it for those who want a super light training shoe and are faster runners in general. The Hyperion tempo and the entire Hyperion line are all made to wear without socks so keep that in mind when buying. The sizing is about 1.5 in difference for most. So I wear at 9.5 and I have a size 8. It fits like a glove and rather breathable. Of the two shoes I would recommend these for most folks who are rather active, cross country runners, and love a neutral shoe. You can race in this shoe as well. Again this shoe ain’t for me except to be cute in, which is very important but not a training shoe for me at this point. 

The Hyperion Tempo: … Run hard. Recover hard. This shoe is a light and responsive trainer that’s designed to keep you in your stride so you can run harder, longer.