FitHair For Runners Regimen Beginners

As you guys know, I am busy training for tons of races on next year. As part of my training, I am consistently asked tips on how to workout and some fithair tips. I decided to finally show you my weekly hair regimen that I do as a runner. Check out my natural hair regimen starting with wash-day all the way to my “long runs” on Saturdays.  Even if you’re not a runner, you can use a few tips from the runner’s natural hair care regimen as well.

Runner’s Natural Hair Care Regimen

Sunday: Use this day to do a complete wash routine. A complete wash routine, includes shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, leave-in and styling product. If you are uncertain or don’t have a wash routine, I recommend downloading and using The Natural Cole’s Wash day guide. Once hair has been completely washed, then style hair by flat twisting hair using your favorite stylers such as gel, mousse or curl cream. I purposely am showing you guys your flat twist doesn’t have to be perfect if you don’t have time. 
Monday: Workout in the morning with a baseball hat. Once showered and clothed, should be dry and ready to be removed and styled. Don’t forget to make sure your hair is completely dry when taking down your twist. *wink 
Tuesday: Workout utilizing visors during your runs to keep the sun and hair out your face or in the gym allowing air to flow and help keep you cool. I am a fan of visors as they can add a pop of color to a boring workout outfit and  are very practical. 
Wednesday: Make sure to replenish hair with a hair oil, daily moisturizing cream and hydration spray. I love Textured Talk web store Textures Natural Hair Store as they have a variety of my favorite sprays such as Obia’s Hydration spray and TGINs daily cream all in one place. 
Thursday: I utilize soft adjustable headbands like the bandi bands or balega to make sure my hair is shielded from various environmental influences but also can be placed over my ears to keep them warm.  After working out, do a short wash-and-go utilizing a co-wash, deep conditioner, and leave-in. I recommend using The Mane choice 3-n-1 and deep conditioner as it detangles, conditions and moisturize the hair. It saves you time and money as you only need two products instead of three. After conditioning, use your desired styling products.
Friday: Fridays are an off day for me in order to prepare for a Saturday morning long-run. Make sure to re-moisturize with a daily moisturizing spray, blended hair oil and a daily moisturizing cream.
Saturday: I normally workout or run on Saturday mornings so my hair has grown in size and volume I make to use a soft headband or a visor. After working out, I wear a headwrap or let is run big and free. If I know I will be busy on Sunday, I will make this my wash-day and start over.