Five Multi Purpose Products For Hair, Skin & Body

I am trying to simplify my life and make sure I am only using items I need and love. I try to invest in products that will save me time and help me as I work, train and frankly just live. I hate having a bunch of products in my gym bag as it takes up to much space and I often don’t use them all. If you are like me and are trying to simplify your life or just find some new products that are the best bang for your buck, I am listing five product that are great multi purpose products you gotta have.
I picked five hair, beauty and/or body products that tackle two (or more) things at once thus saving you time, money and frankly space in your gym bag or carry on if you are traveling. Check out the video below and or hit the links to get ya shop on!

Multi Purpose Products For Hair, Skin & Body

Items Mentioned