From Gym to Glam

This week I had a really hard workout and I just couldn’t deal with another wash-and-go yal! I am for real. I just couldn’t. So, I decided to switch it up and hit up a beauty supply store with a few bucks and came home to tame the mane and give me a new look. If you are struggling with your hair, I adore wigs as a great way to keep your hair moisturized and as a quick and easy style.

Wigs, Gym, and Quick Hair Style

The magic key is to pick out the right wig for your hair texture. I was in a rush so I stopped a local small beauty supply store and found this hidden gem for $19.99! You cannot beat that at all! Most natural hair wigs cost at least 4x this price. This is a BohemiuamWig by Pure Natural Samba #2. It’s about the same price online so still a steal for those of you who can’t find it in the local store.

You can catch out the details of how I styled it in 10 minutes on my youtube video but I wanted to show you a close up of the wig with my actual hair. You can’t tell my actual hair from the wig so it looks super natural.

After styling and cutting in the video, I put some makeup and bam!! Glammed up! See what $20, 10 minutes and a pair of scissors can do for a girl.