Hottest Half – Half Marathon Review

I am officially recovered from my race on Sunday. I completed my first half marathon in over two years. For several years, I have wanted to run in the Hottest Half – Half Marathon by Mellow Productions. Typically in the summer, there aren’t that many races because of the insane amount of heat. The races that are put on are often during the cooler times of the summer or days, but the Hottest Half is typically on the hottest day of the year and is a test of your endurance and strength.
This year, we haven’t had the scorching temperatures like normal, but we have had a crazy amount of humidity and poor air quality (UV index) than normal. Sunday I braved the rain, humidity and mid and competed in the Hottest half. It was one of my worst races ever but boy do I have a story about this race yal. Let’s get to talking about this Hottest Half  race and things..

Hottest Half – Half Marathon Review & Race Recap

Pros of the Hottest Half – Half Marathon

  • Race distance: They had a 5, 10 and a half marathon distances so if you wanted to run the half while a friend ran the 10k it’s a great option.
  • Relatively affordable: The price of the half is around $60 bucks with a $5 discount. It does go up, but this isn’t bad for a half
  • Friendly people: Mellow races thus far tend to be filled with friendly folks thus far. Everyone waves or tried to be nice.
  • Medal: The medals are pretty nice. I can’t complain at all about the medals and like the quality of them
  • Packet pickup: You have the option of arriving early to get your packet, and additionally you have the choice of paying on the spot
  • Less fuss: There isn’t a lot with the race, so for newbies, this might be good option to reduce stress or anxiety.
  • Challenges: They have a few race challenges through out the year and seasons, so it’s good if you are looking to do multiple races and want to test yourself regularly. The combo packages are also a better deal than just buying one race. This race is part of two race challenges. The 4 Seasons or the Summer Half Marathon series.
  • Parking: Parking is free and you don’t have to wait or park extremely far from the starting line.

Cons of the Hottest Half – Half Marathon

  • Packet pickup: While it was a good, I have had a few issues when picking up my packet. One race they ran out of bibs, so we had to wait awhile for some to bring some. This time, one computer was down, and a lady was writing them. Additionally, don’t expect much in the packets. You get a shirt, bib and maybe something else in the bag.
  • The course: For the 10th year it was at Trinity grooves area instead of the white rock lake. This coupled with the weather and rain was an epic disaster. This is boring, and not the best for crowd support. Folks can only cheer the first mile of the race, to be honest. Additionally, the rain caused massive mud, sliding and really it was more of a trail run than a road race.
  • Medals: I feel really odd having a medal that says half marathon but I only ran a 5 or 10k. Everyone get’s a half marathon medal regardless.
  • Incorrect Advertisement: So on the website, it states there was supposed to be water stops at about every mile, but it wasn’t. There was one water stop at about 1.5 miles then midway for 10k and then midway for the half marathon. Additionally, most port-a-potties were in the beginning. There was one at the water station and two spread out but meant long wait times for them. I think the other two were public as they hardly had toilet paper in them. 
  • Strollers: Yeah they should have banned strollers for 10k. The trail is not stroller friendly at all.
  • No scenic route: I felt like I was going insane looking at the same thing over and over again. I run for the view.
  • No shade: Since this is river front and the trees are away from the trail, there is not a lick of shade. Between the sun’s rays and the insects make sure you overload on the sunscreen and insect repellent.

Overall: I earned this medal. I went up against everything I hated and learned mentally how I had to adjust during a race. Also, it makes me realize how much more I want to be a better runner and I enjoy running in races. Would I run it again? At first, I thought I would run another Mellow production race as their first year at this route and things happen. However, I more than likely would never run this and if I did I would never run and pay for this again. It would have to be someone talking me into this race again or I got into for free and needed to test or redeem myself. Other than that. Nah. It’s a pass.