How To Add Workouts on Your Garmin Watch

If you have a custom workout or are following a plan that requires various changes and instructions in a workout, you often have to write them down, remember them, or use an app that tells you what to do. One thing I love and use regularly is the workout section in the Garmin Connect. Often my running coach gives me a workout such as the following

  1. Warm up 1-1.5 miles
  2. Run: 800 meters at 11 min pace
  3. 400 meter at recovery pace
  4. Break for 30 seconds
  5. Do this  (steps 2-4) 4 times
  6. Cool down for 1 mile or 15 minutes

After doing this one time, I honestly have forgotten what I am doing. But that’s where the workout section of the Garmin connect is perfect. I can add this entire workout with the repeats, cool down and warm-up, etc. and to connect, and then it will sync to my Garmin. Once I am ready, I select the workout, and it will keep track and also tell me what to do so I don’t have to think about it. It’s my coach but virtual. In this latest video, I am teaching you how I do this quickly and what it looks like. Below are the step-by-step instructions for reference.

Directions on App or Web for Adding a Workout to Garmin

  • Sign into Garmin Connect from a personal computer
  • Select Training in the expanded navigation bar on the left
  • Select Workout
  • Select a workout type… and choose the activity type
  • Select Create a Workout
  • Create and your workout based on your needs
  • Select Save Workout
  • From the Workouts page, the newly created workout will be listed. Click two diagonal arrows to sync the workout to your device.

Note: A Send to Device pop up window will appear listing compatible devices the workout can be sent to. Select the device to send the workout to OR use the Garmin app to sync with your Garmin


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To Do the Workout on your Garmin or to review it

Once you add the workout and sync it with your watch you want to do the following.

  • From the watch face, select START.
  • Select the activity (Running for this since we made a running workout).
  • Hold Menu symbol (middle button)
  • Select Training > My Workouts.‍
  • Select a workout.
  • NOTE: Only workouts that are compatible with the selected activity appear in the list.
  • Select Do Workout.
  • Select START to start the timer.

That’s it!