How to Find Your Sports Bra Size

Sports bras are an essential foundation and staple for every workout. As a runner, I invest a great deal in great sports bras to make sure I don’t have to worry about my boobs being everywhere.  Most women don’t know how to find their own sports bra size, which can lead to wearing the incorrect sports bra. Did you know, wearing the incorrect bra size can give you poor posture, poor blood circulation, a bulky back, headaches, neck pain, and poorly shaped breasts?  YES!!! So having a proper sports bra is critical to not just working out but also your overall health.

How to Find Your Sports Bra Size

The measuring process is designed to guide you to starting band size and cup size.  Different sizes and shapes matter when it comes to picking out the best sports bra for you, so don’t forget to try on several different kinds.

  1. RIB CAGE MEASUREMENT: Measure around your rib cage around the bottom band, just under the breast. The tape measure should feel quite snug. Round the measurement down to the closest inch.
  2. BAND SIZE CONVERSION: Using these measurement guidelines below, find your corresponding band size based on your rib cage measurement.
  3. BUST SIZE MEASUREMENTMeasure the bust over the fullest point of the breast. For larger-breasted women, the fullest point may not be at the center and is often lower. As breast tissue can fluctuate as much as 20%, round up to the closest inch.
  4. CUP SIZE CONVERSION: Subtract your actual ribcage measurement (step 1) from your actual bust measurement (step 3). The difference in inches is your suggested cup size. If the difference is between sizes, round up to the larger size.

Source: Brooks Running

What to Look For in Sports Bras

Not all sports bras are equal so below are three things to look at in a sports bra.

  • Easy On & Off:  Adjustable hooks (j-hook are awesome) back closure makes to ensure the bra easy to put on and take off
  • Breathable Support: Perforated cups and power mesh straps increase airflow, and  DriLayer® fabric to wicks sweat away
  • Comfortable Movement: A band that contours to your body for smooth support that enables you to move confidently and comfortably


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Preserve Your Sports Bra

Sports Bras are an investment so don’t let them go to waste by being lazy in the laundry. Hand washing is ideal, but not always possible. Fasten all hooks and straps, place them in a lingerie bag, and use the gentle or delicate cycle. Always line dry, and never use dryer sheets or fabric softeners—they can clog the fabric and shorten the life of the bra.

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