How I Lost 30 Pounds in 2 Months

I thought about having a webinar or going live to discuss how I lost weight but you know what, I just hit the video and recorded it for you. Instead of editing down this video, I thought it was important you got an idea of my journey and who I am. I am honest and hardly did any edits because in all things I want to continue to be authentic about who I am and what I am doing. #nocookiecutter
Don’t worry. I am making shorter videos on everything I listed so those will go into details. Consider this your intro and pep talk about health and wellness first before going into the details and action of everything.

Losing 30 Pounds in 2 Months & Running 3 Times a Week

Before starting, I highly recommend doing a spring cleaning. I got rid of everything in my house. From food, the pantry, clothes, to underwear and old sheets, everything must go in order to make room for the newness. This wasn’t pretty but it forced me to see how much clutter I had physically that was reflected emotionally and mentally too.

Importance of Tracking and Finding Habits for Weight Loss 

When I saw the scale hit 200lbs on February 13th at the doctor’s office, I was filled a lot of emotions and also sick for the umpteenth time. However, I left out of the office more concerned about my weight than ever.  I was the heaviest I had ever been in my life and the main issue I had was – how did I get there.  I was not only the heaviest but sick, high blood pressure and just a mess. My life was falling apart both physically, emotionally and mentally and I couldn’t keep it together anymore. After a few weeks, I finally got myself together and made a plan. The problem was that I didn’t know how to tackle weight loss and stop yo-yo dieting for good. One day, I heard the quote “we are all just creatures of habits” and it occurred to me that I needed to figure out what I was doing in order to lose the weight for good. So I tracked everything!  I tracked everything to make myself accountable for results and know what’s going on. AKA what are my habits. So below are the things I tracked. 

    1. Weight
    2. Blood Pressure – Doctor’s orders
    3. Sleep 
    4. Food & Water
    5. Everything Else  (Stress, Exercise etc) 

By seeing what I was doing on a daily basis I had a better idea of how I could make a plan and then adjust. I was able to see what was working, big time failures and how to create new habits.  It wasn’t pretty but it kept me accountable to see what was happening every single day and to get raw and honest about what was going on with myself.

Focusing on the Big 3: Stress, Sleep & Sugar.

After reviewing my habits, I didn’t change everything. Instead, I focused on breaking and forming new habits of the following three items: Stress, Sleep, and Sugar. Pretty much I did the following

  • Sugar: Sugar is literally in everything! I also have a big sweet tooth so this was probably the hardest for me. I cut out sugar in all things from food to fruit. At first, it was hard and no it wasn’t perfect. I skimmed through a few books that discussed the impact of sugar but it’s basically a drug. I kept tracking everything I consumed and would make adjustment each day and week. It’s now easier and I don’t think about it. I have some form of sugar in things such as post-workout drink or a cookie here and there but it’s super rare. I do have stevia often in my tea. Indirectly this made me cut out most bread, pasta, and al the other stuff too but that’s another video for another day. 
  • Sleep: I re-read my book so I could have a healthy foundation but the biggest things that stood out was my discussion of sleep in the book. I forgot all about the importance. Did you know that lack of sleep or keeping someone up is used as a form of torture in war or capturing an enemy? Yep!
    When tracking everything via my Garmin, I saw how little sleep I was getting. I thought I was having a night of at least 7 hours of sleep but in reality, it was more like 4 hours of sleep. I made it a priority to make sure that I had a lot more sleep. I started going to bed earlier and sleeping about 9-10 hours a night. It seems like a lot but I was making my body find a natural sleep pattern at first. Eventually, I even out and have a good cycle. Some days I do need more sleep and I am mindful of it. 
  • Stress: I monitored this via my watch but also just taking time out to each day to workout, write, meditate and such. This is a big issue and there isn’t much advice I can say about watching stress levels. Most of it is mental so my advice is to get some therapy and also adjust what you are consuming into your ears/eyes/mind on a daily basis. During this time, I unfollowed a lot of random accounts and people on social media that didn’t align with where I wanted to go. Additionally, this happened in real life as I begin to be aware of what was stressing me out or making me sad. This can be a job, person, car, meal prepping, etc. What I realized was that I didn’t have a lot of time and it was stressing me out so I begin to invest in things that would aid in decreasing stress such as trying meal prep companies and delivery services. In short, I substituted unhealthy stress for a healthier option such as traveling and working out/running. 

How to Lost Almost 30 Pounds in 60 Days


If you just want to know what I did aka the cliff notes version – this is what I did.  Because I know you just want to get to the meat of this video and blog post, I went ahead and took the notes for you on what I did. In short, it’s the following. Then keep reading and click on everything below to buy up everything I used. 

  • Read: I followed the tips and foundations in my FitHair foundations books and any “cut out sugar” book.
  • Eat: I went back to being vegetarians and kept up with Snap Kitchen.  I ate out on the weekends.
  • Exercise: I ran three days a week. Tuesday, Thursday and Saturdays. Nothing more or less.
  • Drink: 40 ounces of Alkaline water every day.
  • Track: Every habit and keep yourself accountable. Every day!
  • Cut Out: Sugar from everything I could see and read about. Stevia drops were okay for my tea only.
  • Sleep: 8-10 hours every night with essential oils and salt lamp.

Links for Recommended Weight Loss & Running

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