Mizuno Wave Rider 20 Review

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Mizuno
If you are following me on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, you probably noticed I was at DICK’S Sporting Goods Store in Allen, Texas to attend a special intimate event with Mizuno and learn about the Wave Rider 20. Since I am training for my next half and full marathon and RRCA Running Coach, I understand how vital picking the right shoe. Investing in quality and proper shoes helps prevent injuries and damage on your body.

Mizuno Wave Rider 20 Review

I was able to bring my fellow runner and sneakerhead Monisha of Runner’s Revelation with me as my guest. Since we both run and speak to or assist with runners, we got a chance to learn directly from Mizuno District Manager on their longest-standing shoe – the Wave Rider 20. The Wave Rider 20 reflects 20 iterations of refinement to deliver the right blend of soft cushioning and a smooth heel-to-toe transition.
Mizuno franchise was the first to incorporate Wave Technology®. The Wave Rider 20 features new cloudwave® technology – designed using convex (u-shaped) geometry. This gives you a well-cushioned, flexible shoe with the support you need directly on your heel.
The curve in thecloudwave® is longer and gentler to convert more of the runner’s heel impact into forward motion. You can identify the wave by looking at the white area on the bottom of the shoe.  You will see the wave in pink… Waving* 
So what’s different?  New cloudwave technology is the primary difference between the Wave Rider 20 and previous models.In addition, the midsole has been redesigned with comfort and durability. This improvement allows your feet comfort from running to explosive jump jacks during boot camp.  Also, the shoe box is beyond AMAZING! 
After chatting with the expert and testing it out, I recommend this shoe for

  • Runners who seek a Neutral Cushioned. These shoes are intended for runners who have a higher arch that does not pronate or collapse in very slightly.
  • If your running show is the stability category like myself, then I suggest these shoes for Cross Training or Training Shoes. Training shoes are shoes that are used for the gym or boot camp, which is what I use them. They have enough arch support to allow you to run during workouts but plenty of breathing room and flexible for various gym circuits.

After learning about the Mizuno Wave Rider 20, we had a mini photoshoot, scavenger hunt and grabbed a little bit from the uber healthy snack bar. The scavenger hunt was tiring as we had an adventure looking around DICK’S Sporting store for items.  I didn’t realize they had soooo much stuff there. They have a little bit for every type of sport. You can check out my Facebook Live Video
Anywho. If this interest you then you can check out the Wave Rider 20 nationally at your local DICK’s Sporting Goods, run specialty stores and online retailers with a retail price of $119.99. You can also learn more about the history of the Wave Rider and purchase a new pair at http://bit.ly/2eeZygl

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Mizuno. All opinions are my own.