Orangetheory Black Members and Coaches

I am about to hit my 1 year anniversary at Orangetheroy, which I cannot believe! Man what a year! I adore running but I cheat on it with Orangetheory  but the reason I loved it was because all my fellow black running family started doing it. Each day, we talked about how OT was taking our soul, which to be honest is everyday. It became a fun virtual bond that made me excited to go each week and mostly we saw the results in our training and running.

With today’s movement,  I wanted to highlight and showcase black coaches, owners and members of the OTF family. This is a growing list but I think it’s great that we get to know them and collectively connect. I have directly spoke to OTF and am committed to making the OTF  and running community more inclusive.  

I have a few ways for you to get connected and involved. 1) Fill out the form and share if you want to be featured 2) Use the hashtag #BlackOTF and the feed will continue to populate 3) Share ways you want to see OTF increase and change with me. Let’s make this an All Out effort to continue to grow and make a change. 

Orangetheory Member Handles

Orangetheory Trainer Handles