Garmin Fitness Tools To Keep You Healthy

For me, I have embraced measurements and tracking. I am not a numbers person by nature, but I have become very goal-oriented. As a marathoner, I learned a valuable lesson and embraced the belief that “What isn’t measured cannot be changed or evaluated.”

To change your lifestyle, it’s essential to look at habits. Habits are the cumulation of repetitive patterns, so we must substitute or break them to form new ones.

Changing To A New You With The Right Tools

Tracking and measuring your habits is easier when you have the right tools. Whether you plan a new year’s resolution or make an immediate life change, here are three easy tips to help you change into a new year with the right tools.

Tracking Your Full Measurements

Most people have a love-and-hate relationship with the scale, but if you want to change and improve your health, you must be aware of your weight and overall body composition. Looking back year-over-year, I weigh just about the same, but my body composure is very different due to the impact of the pandemic and my training. The Garmin index scale allows other areas of your physical composure to be tracked and adjusted, such as muscle mass and bone structure. Additionally, it syncs seamlessly within the Garmin Connect App.

Simplify Your Habit Tracker

When tracking and making new habits, it’s crucial to keep things simple. You can be overwhelmed with writing something in a journal or have too many apps to update your daily log. This is why I love the Garmin Connect App, which keeps everything within one app. Everything is within one app, from the scale to my Forerunner 945, which has unique connectIQ apps that help me keep track when away from my phone. The Connect App also directly connects with other apps like Strava, Tacx Trainers, and Apple Health, so whether I am cycling, logging my water, or weighing myself, having one app to save everything allows me to focus on being more mindful.

Train to Your Beat

There has been an increase in heart rate training from classes like Orangetheory to training plans focusing on heart rate zones and lactate thresholds. While the running pace stays the same, heart rate data will adjust and change based on my training and condition, making tracking a helpful metric. The HRM-Pro™ heart rate monitor transmits real-time heart rate data, whether swimming or on other fitness equipment. It’s neither bulky nor interfered with a sports bra or other clothing.
Additionally, the HRM-Pro™ includes running dynamics that can help you improve your form. I like to think of this as a digital coach that adjusts and knows my every move. It also helps to track and monitor all the data for training metrics and overall physical and mental health.