Running 101: Facebook Live Chats in June

I am kicking off the month of June by having my first series of Facebook Live Videos. Each week, I will be teaching on a few essential topics I know that will help you achieve being healthy from the inside out. I will be focusing on running related, but the lives are open to anyone (non-runners, walkers or joggers are welcomed!)

Weight Loss & Running 

Last year, this was me. This was just me in August struggling through a race I waited years to do. It sucked being too slow and frankly was embarrassed. My goal was never to lose weight actually but training for a run. The by-product was the weight-loss, but also some fears, depression, old goals and much more were shredded as well. In my first FB session, I will be chatting about my journey,

  • My weight loss journey and how running helped
  • What I eat in a day for weight loss
  • Essential nutrition & supplements for weight loss

Hydration & Working Out

Now that you have learned about my weight loss, I couldn’t wait to teach about the importance of hydration. Dehydration can lead to headaches, aid in hair loss and even hinder your ability to workout and lose weight. As  Certified Sports Nutritionist, RRCA Running Coach and  Boston Marathoner, I will be diving into

  • Why Hydration & Electrolytes are so important
  • Effects on your body due to dehydration
  • Various ways to stay hydrated while working out

Hair & Running 101

A huge issue with working out is how to have healthy hair while being active. As a marathoner and triathlete for over the last decade,  I know how tough this can be. I founded The FitHair as a way to chat about the latest in wellness and help inspire a healthy hair from the inside out. From hairstyles to the gym to healthy recipes and foods you should eat, my mission is to keep you in tip-top shape from the inside out. We will tackle the following topics in this session

  • My Marathon journey and creation of FitHair
  • Connecting nutrition to hair care as a runner
  • Importance of having a FitHair routine
  • Products and accessories for your hair and  running
  • Health, Fitness & Traveling

Health, Fitness & Traveling

Did you know I have spent almost a decade in the travel industry and have traveled quite a bit for various races around the country? There is nothing more than I love to do than to explore a new city. Don’t believe me? Check out my Running Travel Guides. Running marathons allows me to explore a city within a few hours and have an excellent time! We all know that traveling is impressive, but it can also be stressful and detrimental to our health when we’re always on the go.

  • Tips for staying healthy while traveling
  • Must have items for traveling with only a carry-on bag
  • Supplements for traveling & staying healthy 


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