Sports Bra Tips For Runners

The most important gear you need for running is your shoes; however, it’s also your sports bras for women. Many women struggle daily in finding the right sports bra. Often women who are looking to run or are running have concerns and questions. Have you ever asked these questions? 

  • Don’t know what the right sports bra is for running? 
  • Have large boobs and want to run but feel confused and embarrassed?
  • Would you like to stop wearing two sports bras when working out? 
  • Did you have a baby and have no idea what bra to get now? 
  • Wondering what the heck is a Run Bra versus and Sports Bra?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are in the right place! 

Sports Bra Tips for Runners

I am Alexandria, your Run Bra expert, and I am here to help you. In this post, I break down some of your questions, provide tips on what to look for in a sports bra, and even offer a free Run Bra Guide to help you. I share my favorite sports bra tips for runners and how the new Run Bras from Brooks Running helps you along your journey. 


What is a Run Bra?

A great running bra can transform your workout.  That’s what Brooks Running has aimed to do. After a few years of studying their bras for running, I can surely say the new sports bras are bras aimed to transform running aka Run Bras. 

If you can get a great bra to help you run, pretty much it can do anything right?!  Below are a few tips when taking a look at a Run Bra as they can vary.

  • Look for Adjustable Straps: Adjustable straps allow you to fine-tune your bra to fit your body. Some people have longer or shorter torsos, so the adjustable straps allow me to adjust the bra’s tightness. Since I am short and busty, I tend to tighten the straps, so my breasts fit correctly in the bra, or they may spill out.
  • Pick Bras With Great Material: Choose sports bras with wicking materials instead of cotton. Wicking fabrics move moisture away from your skin to keep you comfortable.
  • Test and Move With Your Sports Bra: Test your sports bra by actually working out and moving around. Your breasts should move some when doing this but not impact substantially.

Find Your Sports Bra Size

The most essential tools for getting the right fit are a tape measure and a bra size calculator. You can check out my Youtube Video that shows you how to find your right size or this article I created that show exactly step-by-step how to find your sports bra.

What's the Best (Run) Sports Bra For Large Breast?

I have always had large breasts, so I get the issue. One question I am consistently asked is what bra I am training for a marathon in.  I always test sports bras for a few months in various conditions, so you know when I say it’s got my seal of approval, I mean it. 

I got you covered and can confidently say the follow run bras I will be training in exclusively. 

My Top Two Run Bras for Large Breast from Brooks Running is
  1. Interlace Run Bra
  2. Underwire Run Bra

I love the colors and styles the most of these bras. These are the two bras I recommend and encourage you to ditch the tank for them. They are too cute to cover up too! Check me out on the gram where you can see them weekly!

Tips For Taking Care Of Your Bras

Wash them Weekly: Wash the bra in cold water with mild detergent and hang them  to dry. 

Don’t Keep On Post-Workout: Make sure you don’t stay in your sports bra too long after a sweaty workout. This can cause issues on the skin.

Switch Into Different Bras: I recommend having a light, comfortable sports bra to switch into immediately after a workout. 

Get Rid Of Bras: Most sports bras last anywhere from six to 15 months. I always buy sports bras on my birthday to make it easier.

Rotate Your Bras: It is important to rotate. your bras. I recommend having three bras when you start off working out. 1 cheaper bra and 2 really good bras for running. I keep these in rotations so they don’t wear out so easily.