The Truth About Being a Black Runner #RunningWhileBlack

Recently, A black unarmed man, who is a runner, was gunned down in broad daylight by two white men. His name was Ahmaud Arbery, and he was 25 years old. The video was shared of the black jogger who was killed is the latest among a long list of gunned down blacks living in America. This is something I personally fear of every-time I run. It’s one reason why I ended up joining  a local running group and running with them instead of solo. Even still, this crosses my mind. There are things I talk with other black runners and we share to help “hinder” the fear towards others when running.

The Truth about Being a Black Runner in America

As a black runner and run coach, I had to shed light on how I am personally affected and also what life is like for runners like myself in 2020. My goal isn’t to discuss legal aspects but truly discuss and a call to action so that other organizations, outlets and people can start to make a change within the running community with regards to safety and the importance of diversity and inclusivity. It has to be discussed and shared so that we all can protect and support each other. #WeRunTogether

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