Three Things I Learned at the Bella Kinks DFW Expo

This weekend, Julian of Bella Kinks hosted the first Bella Kinks DFW Natural Hair Expo, an annual event bringing together women with Afro and Multi textured hair in the Dallas Fort Worth area. Bella Kinks’s mission is to highlight the natural hair community as the preferred lifestyle option as well as provide resources to the natural community of Dallas and Fort Worth Texas. A weekend focused on natural hair care workshops, product education, live entertainment, culture, food and a whole lot of FUN! I had such an amazing time this weekend and can’t wait till next year. Make sure you take a  look at the gallery of photos and then check out the three things I learned at the Bella Kinks DFW Expo.
bloggers lounge collage bella kinks dfw expo
Be Open.
The Bella Kinks DFW Expo weekend is focused on education so it’s important attendees keep an open mind and soak up as much as they can from the instructors. You cannot be openminded during this weekend. I can’t count how many people spoke to the importance of being flexible and open in order to grow natural hair and in life. At the Bloggers lounge presented by Curls, many of my fellow bloggers agreed that being open to a variety of possibilities has helped us connect with our followers, increase business and enjoy life. This weekend was filled with lots of events so take advantage of each workshop, try new products and be open.
bella kinks natural hair expo dfw collage
Be Honest.
This weekend was EXTRA special because I revealed my new FitHair method for achieving successful hair from the inside-out to the public. Yay! I loved both of my sold-out sessions because everyone was honest about their journey to achieve healthy hair and body.  I had such a great time meeting you all and blowing your mind away about water. (If you missed the session, I am recording a few videos of the things I spoke about.) Attendees were very honest with their feedback and it made each session perfect. Whether you’re attending a session or learning about a new product from a company, being honest will result in the best assistance from companies and instructors. Also, special thanks to my sponsors Eat Organic DFW, Beyond Meat and Roots Juice for providing coupons, swag and delicious healthy food and juices! 
power panel dfw bella kinks expo
Be Supportive. 
The POWER panel was nothing short of sheer power. It was filled with so many takeaways from the cast of CEO women in the beauty and hair industry. A big lessons I took was the importance of being supportive to and of one another and  the brands. It was eye opening to see other “competitors” discussing how they support one another consistently through the ups and down within the industry. This quote from Texture Talk sums up the panel’s focus.

All roads to success were different, but the common purpose was the same: to SERVE OTHERS – Charlene Walton, TexturedTalk

The women discussed how we as women are at advantage and can write our own paths within this world. It will take a lot of hard work and even more support but each person focused on desire to meet a need and were there to serve each other.  Another moment, was admiring Obia of Obia Natural Haircare. I recall several years ago meeting her with nothing but a dream, a great product and faith. Five years later, she is running a fantastic company and sells all over the world. #girlboss
Overall, this was a great weekend that pushed me to make my dreams a reality and continue to support my fellow friends and bloggers along the way. I can’t wait till next year and am already gearing up for some new material and things to share. Thanks to all who attended.
Photography by: Joe Chea, Island Boi Photography,  Isha Gaines and myself.