Weight Loss for Runners | What I Eat In a Day – Morning Edition

Training for the 2018 Boston Marathon, I ended up losing some weight. Actually, I lost more inches than anything. Don’t believe me?!! Look at this before my training and during me during my Boston training?! Whoa!! Right?! When I posted this side-by-side while ago on my Instagram, I was flooded with questions of how I lost weight, what my training was like and much more.

I was to busy and focused mainly on Boston to answer everything, to be honest. But I made it through the Boston craziness sooooo now, I am back at it and am doing a series where I answer your questions about running and weight loss.

Focus on Your Morning Time

Breakfast and your first few hours of the day are vital to your overall health and well being. If you start with proper fuel it will help you stay on track for the day.  This was critical for me so I wanted to start with a few videos on the importance of morning. In this video, I break down the importance of fueling my morning and what I eat from the time I wake up to about midday.

Weight Loss for Runners | What I Eat In a Day – Morning Edition

List of Foods & Supplements I Mention

Proper Foundations Helps Me Achieve My Goals!

Want more details? Truly everything I discuss is really in my book. I wrote the book and seriously applied all the principles and foundations in it finally!! Having the  proper foundation allowed for me to

  • achieved being a sub-3 hour half-marathon finally
  • lose 3 dress sizes
  • trained for the Boston Marathon
  • battled my on-going fight with depression.

Yep! It’s the foundation that matters! Don’t start tomorrow or on Monday, start now! Check it out for more details on how to have the proper foundation and healthy hair and body from the inside out. Grab your copy right now!