What I Eat In A Day to Lose 30 Pounds

Within two months, I lost almost 30 pounds. Yep. that’s a crazy amount of weight to lose and no I didn’t do anything crazy to get the weight off. No detox pills or crazy deprivation methods. I gave up and adjusted only three things in my life which were sleep, stress and sugar. You can find out more about how I ended up there by reviewing “How I lost 30 pounds in 2 months.
But obviously, the one thing everyone wanted to know is what did I eat or not eat for two months. I made it simple for me because remember my main focus was reducing/giving up stress so that included how I consumed my food.  Everything listed has a link to purchase and or more information about the item. In general, I used meal prep services where my meals were already made for me. I didn’t have time even to cook and didn’t want to think about anything. Again less stress. Other areas, I tried to adjust and keep sugar to the low-low. 

What I Eat In A Day to Lose 30 Pounds

Awake & PreWorkout 

I try to wake up at the same time. As part of my weight loss, sleep was/is critical, and thus, I make it a top priority over everything. After sleeping a full 8-10 hours, my body needs some significant hydration. I try to drink 12+ ounces with lemon or lime juice in the morning. Sometimes it’s more or less; it just depends on how I feel each day. 
Since I workout in the morning, I work out with either some form of electrolyte or pre-workout mix. These mostly come from UCAN as they are clean and sugar-free and ensure I won’t have a “sugar” crash once working out. UCAN is excellent for those who are diabetic and or concerned with for blood and “sugar” levels. Not to go into details about it but, it contains SuperStarch®, which a slow-release complex carb that steadies your blood sugar. I like it because I can take pretty much one product before or after working out. Simple. Easy. Not complicated. 
You can find the items or try them on Amazon or grab this package on their website.


After working out, it’s time to have breakfast officially. I am rushing and always on the move from either running or cross-training so, I keep breakfast stress-free with a shake. I would like to make smoothies, but it can be costly and not as possible. I like Garden of Life Raw Meal Protein as it contains greens, a significant amount of protein and everything honestly I need for the morning day. I take two scoops in the morning and add to a shaker. Once completed, I actually “eat” and have some toast. Ezekiel bread can taste weird if you aren’t used to it, but it’s low in sugar, contains reasonable amounts of protein and the “real” bread.

  • Garden of Life Raw Meal Protein
  • Garden of Life Fit Shakes 
  • Ezekiel Bread: Raisin, Regular and Sesame 


Daily Hydration 

Once I get to work or on my way. I use this time to consumer more liquids cause I am on the move and working away. I often am hydrating mostly before and after lunchtime the following items. 

  • Tea: Black with stevia and cream, half and half or milk. I allow myself this option because I love teas. I usually have one cup of black tea around 10-11ish and then again around 2-3. Sometimes I would get a red or green drink, but I love black tea. 
  • Alkaline Water: I like Alkaline 88 because it’s a bit more affordable, fresh and has salt (mineral) included in it and I need every bit I can take. I try to take in 40 ounces of alkaline water a day; thus, I don’t have to drink that much water in general. 
  • Green Juice: When I would feel sick or tired or needed some kick, I would get a green juice. The green juices I pick contain virtually no fruits so they can be a bit yucky to those who aren’t used to them. If I can’t find one without any fruit my other choice is to read the ingredients and select one with an apple as the fruit because it has the lower sugar containment. This wasn’t a regular thing, but I do drink them here and there. I don’t often because I opt to have Garden of Life Superfood – Greens as this contains all the greens I needed in a fraction of the cost. 

Lunch & Dinner Meals 

This is the most natural part of everything for me because I use Snap Kitchen each week and don’t think about what I am going to eat. I eat one of there vegetarian meals for lunch and dinner. Snap has updated their menu, so I am listing the meals I ate then plus the meal I like now.

  • New Meals (July):  Lentil, Veggie burger, Taco hash, Umami grain bowl, sweet potato veggie Benedict 
  • Previous Meals: Black bean burger, Taco hash, grilled kale hoping John, roasted veggies with cucumber than  spicy dan noodles 
  • Salads:  Greek and house salads are my favorites. I purchased two and split them in half and consume half with each meal. I keep salads simple with mixed greens, three toppings (ex: blue cheese, carrots, and roasted tomatoes) and switching out the dressings. My favorite dressings are by Wholefoods and Tessemae’s. I buy toppings based on whatever is on sale if I am making them.

Save on Snap Kitchen: I used this same coupon to grab a week’s worth of meal for super less than $30 bucks. You can also try a few meals for cheap and on the low-low. Save that eating out money and decrease ya grocery bill.

Additional Protein For Meals

If I am hungry and need a bit more calories and or protein, I will cook a week’s worth of black bean burgers, Beyond Meat sausage links, Sweet Earth, or some frozen or refrigerated Veggie burgers to add to my meals. This is about the only meal prep stuff I will do.  I have a toaster oven, so I place them in it and let them cook while I take a shower and such. Once done, I just put them in two containers. One to keep at work and another to remain at home. I just warm them up with the rest of my meal. 

Snacks & Salads 

Some days I snack while others I don’t. I typically have more water if I am feeling hungry and if that doesn’t do, then I reach for a snack. I keep them simple and just rotate out the “flavor” so that way, I am not getting bored. These are things I generally like so I don’t give them up but instead find ways to work them in my daily diet and healthy options. I try to have a salad also every day, so I keep it simple. 

  • Pickles & Chips: I like salty and crunchy things so I when I had the urges I always had pickles and then some form of chips around. One week it was Gluten-free pita chips while the following week was blue corn with salsa. 
  • Boiled eggs: Originally I would make these myself, but Costco has them remade for you, which I know is lazy but again, I don’t have time for much. I grabbed these and took them with me. Salt and pepper are everywhere so I just added that. 
  • Hummus and Veggies: This is my go-to because I love hummus and veggies. Each week, I pick a different hummus flavor and switch the vegetables. Here are a few combos I would do in a month. Since there are four weeks in a month, I list them by the “week.” to help you see how I would have things. For hummus, I like WholeFoods and Sprouts brands. Since I have Amazon Prime, I place my order via Prime for pickup or delivery and keep it moving. 
    1. Carrots and Regular hummus
    2. Cucumbers and Red pepper hummus 
    3. Celery and Everything hummus 
    4. Mini peppers and Olive hummus 

So this is it. Simple and easy.